"Where the only limitation is your imagination!"

Worlds of Fantasy
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Dreamscapade is a realm of 'Dreams in Escapade.' A Omniverse of it's own, manifested and given life from our own thoughts, dreams, and imaginations.
Two ethereal entities, watch over the Dreamscapade.

The Dreamweaver appears, a young woman with white-blonde hair, and avian like sky blue eyes. She recieves the energies of our dreams and manifests them into her realm.

However, lurking in the shadows, constantly present to twist the new realities into his own twisted dark versions, is the Nightmaster. A demonic male, his skin as grey as death and eyes fiery red. 

Enter into one of the realms below.

REMEMBER: 'The Dreamweaver may appear to guide you through the chosen world, and give you important information!'

WARNING: 'The Nightmaster, is also lurking, to guide you into dark realms where he can turn your Dreams against you and trap you forever!!!

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All Storie's are copywritten and owned by 
Stephanie Whitmore.
All rights are reserved.